Karl Graham – President and Chief Executive Officer  

With over twenty two (22) years of Contact centre experience, Mr. Graham is one the founding members of Fullgram International Call Centres, which started in March 2010 and currently employs over 500 employees. Mr. Graham made his debut in the contact centre support field at Verizon Communications based in the United States, Sprint and MCI before returning to Jamaica where he operated as a Account Director in one of the largest English speaking contact centre operations in the region. Mr. Graham represented the business in the capacity of Director and Vice President to both local and international clients for 7 years before becoming the co-founder of Fullgram International Call Centres.

Equally important Mr. Graham stands behind the philosophy that companies all over the world are looking for ways to become more efficient, more productive and highly competitive. The art to the success of a great company is smart technology that can positively change business models and the society. Fullgram International Call Centres is building the foundation to train and create the correct business behaviors that will fuel a platform for growth and efficiency, not just for our company but for all companies around the world that choose to do business with us, FICC is at the centre of this transformation, we continuously reinvent and mobilize and  this will only ensure sustainability profitability and a greater market share.

David Fullwood - Chief Information Officer

Mr. Fullwood is responsible for directing the company’s strategic growth and expansion, acquisitions, and business development to enhance FICC’s customer management solutions. Mr. Fullwood founded FICC in March 2010, along with Karl Graham, after serving as Chief Information Officer for 10 years for the largest outsource provider in the Caribbean, where he was a founder member of that team. Prior to that, Mr. Fullwood accumulated 15 years of key leadership experience with a number of IT solution providers. In his last role as Chief Information Officer, Mr. Fullwood assisted in building the company’s business both domestically and internationally.




Maxine Nugent - Chief Financial Officer

Miss Nugent brings with her over seventeen year’s experience in financial management having worked extensively in the finance and service sectors. Miss Nugent prides herself in possessing the ability to structure and organise functional departments. Equally important is her strategic vision to manage and maintain business unit operations.